Ancestral Healing

Many of the patterns of our lives come to us through our bloodline hertiage.  Ancestral healing works within the bloodline sending healing back to the past to our ancestors and affecting all subsequent generations.  These sessions are powerful but also very gentle allowing time to smoothly integrate new healed patterns into our spiritual and genetic heritage.  Some of the feedback I have received has demonstrated that the effects are felt not just by the recipient but other family members as well.  The effects often will still be working within a person for months after they receive it.  Our families are our first teachers and our primary social support.  For this reason any healing work that can benefit the family as a whole is tremendously powerful.  This approach blends ancient shamanic practices with current consciousness tools to create change on deep levels to familial patterns.


Sessions generally last anywhere from 10 - 15 minutes.  Sessions are done over the phone or via skype.  


Ancestral healing is not intended to take the place of medical care, it does not diagnose or treat medical issues it is simply a vehicle for change.  If you have serious medical concerns consult a physician. Please allow up to ten business days for your order to process. Cancellations or rescheduling requests must be given at minimum a full 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.  If no notification is received funds paid will be collected for the missed appointment. 

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