Quantum Chakra Clearing

This event was hosted on an international conference call.  The energy of the session is encoded in the digital file and will work the same as a live session.  This is a virtual chakra clearing session using the transformational energy techniques that I utilize in private sessions. The recorded session will take you through each of the 7 main chakras on the spine with background information on each, and additionally chakras 8-10 are also cleared and aligned in this session.  


Please make sure you are not driving or operationg heavy machinery while using this download, and allow time afterwards to slowly and gently come back to waking consciousness.

After ordering make sure to save the file to your hard drive to have access to it later.  If possible download to a computer rather than a mobile device.  If you have any issues accessing the file please email me and I will resolve the issue.

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Price $40.00
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